2017 Camp Backup Nov. 10-12 (Compton & Newberry)

Hancock, N.H.
36 Sargent Camp Road
Hancock, N.H. 03449
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Gig Description

Compton & Newberry join some of the finest traditional musicians in the world at Skip Gorman’s Camp Backup, held in Hancock, N.H., on November 10-12. Workshops will focus on how to thoughtfully play backup in a variety of traditional folk music styles. You’ll work and play together in small groups…  enjoy instructor and camper concerts…  share good food and drink…  and come away with a new understanding of tasteful, rock-solid backup.  Instructors include Skip Gorman, Kate MacLeod, Mike Compton, Joe Newberry, Nick Apollonio, Gordon Peery, and Mary Burdette.

Limited to 40 students ~ REGISTER TODAY!
$400.00 ~ Includes workshops, six meals, two nights lodging,
Special Friday Night Faculty Concert (open to public),
and Camper Concert Saturday Night.
Check In: Noon Friday; Check Out: 1pm Sunday.
To register, call Skip Gorman
(H) 603.523.7661 • (C) 603.667.1572 • Skip@SkipGorman.com