Augusta Bluegrass Vocal Links–1g – Old Crossroads, Skaggs & Rice  – Walls of Time, Monroe and Rowan

–Monroe as the hub of the wheel with different vocalists serving as the spokes

*With Lester Flatt. The Old Crossroads.

*With Carter Stanley. Sugar Coated Love.

*With Jimmy Martin.  Memories of Mother and Dad

–Hazel and Alice.  Singing in keys that suited them – That was Bill Monroe’s advice.  Hazel mixed experiences of hard scrabble raising with incredibly literate writing and joined with Alice Gerrard’s broad experience in the folk world.

*Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia

*Won’t You Come And Sing For Me

*Don’t Put Her Down, You Helped Put Her There.

–Charlie Waller – Country’s Gentleman Baritone

*Legend of the Rebel Soldier.

–Laurie Lewis.  Amazing vocal range and ace yodeling.

*Who Will Watch the Home Place.

–Kathy Kallick.  Influences from the folk world, plus delicious phrasing

*Blue Night.

“Standard Trios”: 

Jimmy Martin & Sunny Mt. Boys, “Night”: 

Dolly, Emmylou, Linda, “Those Memories”: 

“Stacked Trios”:

Osborne Brother, “Once More”  

Stanley Brothers, “Lonesome River”

Longview, “Lonesome Old Home” Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, “Rise and Follow Me”: