More Music!

I HAVE A fun-filled fall and spring coming up, with performances with some of my favorite musicians, including Jon Shain, Laurelyn Dossett, Jim Watson, and Mike Compton.  Mr. Compton and I are planning a lot more music together in 2016, so watch these pages for updates on that.  And go to the Shows page here at good old JOENEWBERRY.ME to see some of the details… there will be lots more added in the the next little bit.

I hope that my travels bring me near your town.  If you know of a performing arts center, small theater, or house concert venue near you that you think I should know about, email me at, or from right here at the Web site.  Of course, it never hurts to let those places know that you would like to see me perform there.

I have a music page on Facebook, and you can follow my exploits there at Joe Newberry Music, and just for fun, a friend set up a fan page there called We Like Joe Newberry Very Much (BE STILL MY HEART!)  You can follow me on Twitter, or check out photos that I take and collect on Instagram.  Of course, if all that is too much for you, I can just come play music on your front porch…